JUNE 5-6th, 2021


In-state decision update | Leonora Golden Gift 2021

There has been an update on the decision to keep the Leonora Golden Gift open to in-state athletes only this year.

The Shire council have decided to open up the possibility of out-of-state elite athletes competing. However, there will only be a few spots open and no decisions on this will be made until May. 
This update comes in the ever-changing environment we are all faced with today. The Shire expressed concern the announcement of instate only athletes was made too early. Event manager, Ross Johnson of Runner’s Tribe, is happy with the update. “Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring concerning COVID-19, but the outlook is better now than a month back when the initial call was made. Therefore, I don’t believe it is an issue at all opening up the possibility to have a few top out of state athletes compete if it is deemed acceptable come May.” 
With the key priorities being the safety of the town and that the Golden Gift goes ahead, it is necessary to take steps to minimise possible circumstances that could stop the event from running. Therefore, the event will still be made up of primarily WA’s top athletes, and there are many biting at the bit to have a shot at running the Leonora Golden Gift elite mile. Only a handful of spots will be available to out-of-state athletes and as stated previously, no decision will be made until May.
If you're interested in competing in the Elite Mile or the Elite Sprints please email leonoragoldengift@gmail.com with a short bio and pbs. Entries for other events will open soon. Funding may be available for chartered flights and accommodation. WA athletes, if accepted into the elite mile will have a secured starting spot. Out-of-state athletes wishing to express an interest in competing should also email the above address. If accepted, you will be placed on a shortlist of potential out-of-state competitors and you will be updated on the Shire's decision closer to the event.
Published 12:15pm 10/02/2021

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