JUNE 5-6th, 2021


Rad Rock Climbing Adventures To Deliver High Flying Fun At This Year's Golden Gift

A big part of our event is getting the community together in a fun and active way. Apart from the athletics on offer, Rad Rock delivers high flying fun for the young and old.

Their equipment is confidence building and challenging and is run by an expert team. Event manager Ross Johnson had this to say about the Rad Rock team, "Each year we bring in the Rad Rock team and the event attendess especially the youth absoloutely love it."
All attractions are free to explore and have a top rate team to help out. Below is some of the equipment we'll be seeing at this year's event on June 5th and 6th.
Radrock Climbing Wall
The Rock Climbing Wall allows four people at once to climb the challenging 8 metre high wall. The wall has a realistic rock like appearance and even has dinosaur fossils throughout! The wall is fully automated using auto-belays (the safest system available) to take in the rope as you climb and slowly letting out the rope as you abseil back down the wall surface.
Radrock Mobile High Ropes Course
The mobile high ropes course lets adventures challenge themselves on the 4 m high ropes course where that have to climb the ‘V net’, balance over the Wonky Bridge’ cross the ‘Swinging logs”, go through the ‘Monkey ropes’ climbing across the ‘Spider Webs Net’ and zipline the ‘Leap of faith’ before returning back to the ground down the second ‘V net’, All while being extremely safe because the participants harness is always attached via lanyard to safety line that follows the course. There is over 40 m of course to explore. A friendly, qualified instructor is always on hand to give advice and encouragement as they negotiate the course.
Radrock Stunt Jump
The Stunt Jump is the only ride in Australia to offer free falling through the air like a real Hollywood stuntman before landing on a specially designed jump bag – just like the pros! The jump bag has been refined and designed by trapeze artists to absorb all landings from heights well above our highest platform of just under 7m. Even the smaller kids can feel like a hero as they take a leap of faith from the smaller 3.3m platform. This attraction combined with our others will satisfy an extremely wide demographic and assure an adrenaline filled event.” Safety is paramount and the participants learn to jump in a safe controlled manner with constant supervision and guidance from a trained instructor. Suitable for Children from 4yrs old (the small platform) and up to Adults, 2 platforms heights (one at 3.3 m and one just under 7 m)
Radrock Bouncy Obstacle Course
Part bouncy castle/part obstacle course, the inflatable caters for a huge range of participants. It has two tunnels, bounce back obstacles, a climbing ladder, a slide and bounce house – all in one –  Its big at 16 m long x 6 m high x 4.5 m wide and is always a huge hit!

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