JUNE 1st - 2nd, 2024


Myers and Murray win Minara elite mile

The recently concluded Leonora Golden Gift Minara elite mile showcased an exhilarating display of athleticism, determination, and speed.

On the men’s side, 16-year-old sensation, Cameron Myers stood out, securing a remarkable victory with an impressive performance. Let's delve into the thrilling race and explore the achievements of the top runners.


Cameron Myers, a phenomenal athlete, reigned supreme in this intense competition. With a time of 00:04:08.17, Myers sprinted through the finish line finding another gear. Look out for huge things from this young Aussie phenom.


James HanseN showcased his fitness and determination once again in Leonora, finishing a mere 0.81 seconds behind Myers. With a time of 00:04:08.98, Hansen's relentless pursuit of victory led to a close finish.


With a time of 00:04:11.09, WA’s Luke Burrows' continued his impressive rise in the middle-distance world. Look out for more big things from Burrows in the future. 


Olympian, Matthew Clarke, Connor Whiteley, Ethan Wyatt-Smith, Lachlan Herd, and Jack Bruce also left their mark on the race with their impressive performances


On the women’s side, Madeleine Murray took home a commanding win over last year’s champion and Olympian, Zoe Buckman by over 4 seconds with Rachel McCormick coming in third.


Danielle Graham, Maddy Luscombe, Nina Yeats, Sienna Hanikeri, and Lily Mather also delivered exceptional performances in the race, displaying their strength and talent as elite female runners.

Final results can be found here: bluechipresults.com.au/Results.aspx?CId=11&RId=1632&fbclid=IwAR38KG3gQsNiYblrvpdusJzD3zTl8K9MS3k68NkH5TRHNPFOZA6c8ruq59g

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