JUNE 5-6th, 2021


The Yabu Band set to play at the 2021 Leonora Golden Gift

This year the Leonora Golden Gift will welcome The Yabu Band who have been performing in the Goldfields for over 20 years with the mission to inspire their people to 'rise up'.

Delson and Boyd Stokes have dedicated the past 20 years encouraging their people to "rise up" and "shine".
"Music is a good therapy, music cuts across all spectrums and knows no boundaries," Delson Stokes said.
The band's music explores tough topics such as domestic violence and alcohol abuse.
"Music is a good way of talking about all issues, whether it's about safe sex, or health awareness, or living on a community with petrol, paint, glue-sniffing, substance abuse and domestic violence.
"We've written about, 'Why do my people live unhappy? Why can't we just rise up, speak out and be the best we can and shine?'."
The Yabu Band formed in the mid-90s and took off from there winning four West Australian Music Industry awards and a Deadly Award in 2009. They will join the other main band, 'End of Fashion' at the Saturday Night Community Concert held at Tower St, Leonora beginning with the elite mile heats starting at 5:00 pm Saturday, June 5th.
The best thing of all is, IT'S A FREE CONCERT. There will also be a silent disco in the park for the children so bring your family and friends along and enjoy this amazing concert featuring food trucks, athletics, and large fireworks spectacular to top it all off.
Sources: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-29/yabu-band-sing-in-language-to-reach-struggling-communities/12914814

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